Canadian Credit Card Finder

What Cards Have the Best Bonus?

Five Questions to Determine the Best Credit Card Offer for You.


Question 1:

What reward category maters the most to you?

Points for flights
Points for other travel related expenses (hotels, rental car, etc)
I just want to most point value

Question 2:

How often do you travel?

Less than 6 times a year
More than 6 times a year

Question 3:

Do you value lounge access in airports?


Question 4:

What is your average spend per month on Credit Card?

$250 - $750
$751 - $2000

Question 5:

What is your salary??

$0 - $60,000
$60,001- $80,000
$80,001- $150,000


Not Financial Advice
This website is not financial advice and may not have up-to-date information. Please do your own reserach.
Min. Spend Requirement
When signing up for a new credit card, most will require you spend a minimum amount of money on the card to earn a sign up bonus (in points). This tool helps show which cards may have the best fit for you.
Lounge Access
These lounges typically offer complimentary food and drinks, comfortable seating, and access to charging stations and Wi-Fi. They are reserved for travelers who have a class of ticket or credit card.
This tool attempts to include the value of lounge visits, credits, rebates, and other bonuses in determining which credit card gives the best bonuses. In reality, the best card will depend on many more factors.
First Year Free
* means first year free. After your first year there is likely an annual fee. In almost all cases you can cancel the card before the second year annual fee.